Sunday, 17 July 2011


This blog documents the works of 10 artists who exhibited in a show concerning dreams. Through a variety of mediums they collectively explored a multitude of perspectives on the value of the dream in relation to contemporary society. 

Dream: Borderlands & Other Territories was held at Goodman Arts Centre Gallery, Singapore, from 1st July - 15th July 2011.

Exhibition Space

Mark Wong & Elizabeth Lim  
I was Dreaming in the Past, and My Heart was Beating Fast 

Mark Thia  

Bruce Quek  
Incidental Traces (2b)

Joo Choon Lin

Mike HJ Chang 
Bench (2011)
Pebble (2011)

Debbie Ding 

Zai Tang
Through the Mind's Eye of a Needle
Chun Kai Qun  
I Think I Can Keep My Faith In Man 

 Yuzuru Maeda
Zentai 46 (on B)
Photographs courtesy of Philipp Aldrup. To see more of Philipp's work visit:

Friday, 15 July 2011

Opening + Artist Talks

To mark the opening of our exhibition on 1st July, we had an experimental sound performance featuring Kai Lam, Yuzuru Maeda, Zai Tang and Mark Wong Wenwei:

On 9th July artist talks were held, to create a platform for dialogue with the public. We aimed to use this opportunity to give the audience a greater insight in to the intentions, processes and meanings behind our work:

(video to follow)