Monday, 25 April 2011

Open Psyche

Thought it might be interesting to have a depository for any dreams we wish to share. Could be beneficial to our collaborative process; for example, we could offer possible interpretations of dreams shared, methods for approaching or extracting potential meanings, or respond to them in other mediums (perhaps with drawing / sound).


debbie ding said...

cloud computer / cloud dreaming
i love that idea, but there are always problems of tagging or choosing the right word for it. to this day sometimes i wake up and decide to write out the dream in words. this largely ends in lists of gibberish, unintelligible keywords. this is also why i personally favour drawing a map/floorplan over writing a description down. but that might just be me........

Zai Tang said...

I know what you're saying, upon waking, before being fully conscious, the ability to use language to accurately describe a dream concisely is often beyond reach! Something visual can be more effective in this sense.

However, I like using a mixture of mindmapping / audio recordings, sketches and writing, and try not to worry about keeping it concise or intelligible initially, because I believe it can help transcribe the dream experience in raw form.

I find that where writing or spoken language is particularly useful, is that by without thinking too much, the words you choose are driven more by your subconscious and therefore are easier to extract meaning from or draw links between, via association.

Anyway, in regards to the original idea, I think that if people want to contribute any dreams to the depository they should do so in whatever way they see fit! How we think about or link them dreams together will develop naturally. I see it as more of an informal experiment!

debbie ding said...

are you thinking of making an actual online repository or how? i am supposing that a wiki format might fit this, so the semantic links can all be hyperlinks.

i agree about the subconscious wording part too; i can sense that writing it down as a story suddenly transforms the dream into something else, or suddenly i see links that i never saw before.

Zai Tang said...
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Zai Tang said...

Perhaps using wiki could be quite useful for such a purpose, nice one Debbie for the suggestion!

For the moment, I think we can keep it on this blog, then if it begins to grow, we could transcribe it to wiki.


The curious thing about language and dream recall, which I was reminded of this morning, is that as I mindmap words related to particular scenarios, my mind will drift off towards other seemingly random words, thoughts and associations and suddenly BANG! I land on a word that links to another chunk of a different dream that night.

Does that happen when you do your dream maps - the more you draw, the more you uncover? I've lots more questions, but I'll save them for next time!