Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Artist Statement: Joo Choon Lin


I SAW You SING is a new revolution in structural crack repair. It is a dream saw able to repair any concrete cracks and fractures in walls. When the cracks are stabilized and cured, it leaves behind a permanent colourful mark. This saw will also sing you a song during the repair process. 

It is ironic that a saw has become more significant as a tool being returned to its initial purpose of aiding construction, because in contemporary culture we often see the saw as a tool of violence, mutilation and destruction in horror-gore films such as SAW and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Instead, the saw has become a tool for creating peace and harmony. 

Through the process of make-believe and creating dream-like sequences, this video installation responds to the gaps between social classes in Singapore, using the saw as a symbol of expression to bridge social fragmentations.

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