Saturday, 28 May 2011

Biography: Mark Wong Wenwei

Mark Wong Wenwei (b. 1982, Singapore), works in and with sound to devise listening strategies for new and intense possibilities of being. His practice is diverse, including improvised rock, electro-pop and electro-acoustic performances, compositions for film and dance, gallery installations, free-form radio shows and live DJ-spinning. He has performed and exhibited at various local and international events, including the Hong Kong City Festival (2006), notthatbalai art festival, KL (2007), Electricity: International Symposium on Electronic Art (2008), Masriadi: Black is My Last Weapon (2008), Studio in Cheras, KL: Open Lab (2008), Choppa Series (2008-09), Month's End Music @ FINDARS, KL (2009), Cityscapes: Singapore Design Festival (2009) and Open House! (2011). Mark also writes on sound and music and has been published in The Wire (UK), Substation Magazine (SG), BigO (SG), Independent Artists Club (MY) and Junk (MY).

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