Saturday, 28 May 2011

Biography: Yuzuru Maeda

Yuzuru Maeda was born in Ogaki, Japan and currently lives in Singapore. She received her BA from the LaSalle Collage of Arts (2009), and has been involved with producing soundtracks, jingles and music compositions for independent films and video works. Yuzuru's music is influenced by Jazz, Hindustani classical, Carnatic, Hindi film songs, Japanese and experimental music, citing La Monte Young, Arlo Guthrie and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan as her main inspirations. She performs with Sanshin (Japanese) and Sarod (Indian), and has played at various local and international events: Choppa (Singapore, 2007), Black Market (Singapore, 2009), Rights, Osage Gallary (Singapore, 2009), Open Art Festival (Beijing, 2009), Sugar Jar (Beijing, 2009), Mekong River Project (Bangkok, 2009), Post Museum (Singapore, 2010), Sculpture Society, Fort Canon (Singapore, 2011).

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